"Fly Canada 150" is an exciting flying adventure for 2017 - Canada's 150th Birthday.  To help you learn all about this journey, especially how the idea came about and all the planning, you will find lots of post topics below.  You can also track the progress of flights into the various airports across Canada on the Home page.

  • Fly Canada 150

    Fly Canada 150

    In celebration of Canada's 150th Birthday, my goal is to attempt to fly my small airplane to over 150 airports throughout Canada. I hope to visit at least one airport in each of the provinces and territories. This is a tribute to the importance that aviation and airports have played in keeping …Continue Reading »
  • Fanciful Thought

    Fanciful Thought

    Recently I saw an on-line news article about celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday next year, 2017.  I remember being in kindergarten in 1967 and being part of the 100th.  As a kid it was hard to imagine what 100 years old meant, but it felt special none-the-less.  Now, being more then …Continue Reading »
  • Which Airports

    Which Airports

    So, where do you start when you’ve decided on such an ambitious challenge of flying to 150 different airports in Canada? Imagine this as being just like a road trip in your car would be a good way to think about it.  You’ll think about things like:  What cities to …Continue Reading »
  • The Joy of Flying

    The Joy of Flying

    There is a joke about pilots that goes:  “How do you know there is a pilot in the room?”…and the answer is:  “Don’t worry, they’ll let you know!”  Pilots love to brag a little…okay, some like to brag a lot.  Flying is fun…it’s very exciting.  Pilots are passionate about what …Continue Reading »
  • About Myself

    About Myself

    Up to this point I haven’t told you who I am and what drives someone to try to take on this significant challenge.  It’s time to fix that.  My name is Darin Graham and I own a Piper Cherokee 140 registered as CF-GJB.  With that information you can Google the …Continue Reading »
  • Getting Ready

    Getting Ready

    Here I’ll give you a very brief feel of the things we do throughout the year, up to and on the day of flying to make sure we fly safe and have a great experience.  As pilots, we do this all the time as part of our routine.  But for …Continue Reading »
  • The Excitement is Building!

    The Excitement is Building!

    This is quickly becoming a thrilling project.  It’s only early in the planning stages, but is getting lots of interest and generating new ideas. I’ve been talking about it with some pilots to see how “crazy” they think it is.  Their thoughts have been really encouraging.  As pilots, they know …Continue Reading »
  • On your mark…get set…

    On your mark…get set…

    The journey begins in a couple of days! It’s now nearing the end of December and the planning continues for visiting 150 airports in Canada to celebrate Canada’s 150th in 2017.  There are a lot of activities going on next year across the country, many of them in small airports …Continue Reading »
  • In the news…CityTV Dec 30, 2016

    In the news…CityTV Dec 30, 2016

    I was out at the airport today with Amanda Ferguson from CityTV News.  She did a news segment covering my plans for “Fly Canada 150” for 2017.  It can be seen on both CityTV and 680 News websites, or just click the link below. Click Here for Video  Continue Reading »