Airport List

Here is a table of all the airports that have been visited on the “Fly Canada 150” adventure. You can search the table for a specific airport identifier or location name.  You can also sort the table according to each of the columns.

IdentLocationLat/LongDate VisitedOrder VisitedMore Info
CNC3Brampton ON43.76N 79.87WMar 2316click
CNC4Guelph ON43.56N 80.19WMar 2317click
CNF4Lindsay ON44.36N 78.78WAug 2721none
CNL3Brockville ON44.63N 75.75WMar 47click
CNP3Arnprior ON45.41N 76.36WMar 512click
CNQ3Welland ON42.98N 79.32WMar 1314click
CNT7Prince Edward County ON43.98N 77.13WMar 46click
CYCCCornwall ON45.09N 74.56WMar 48click
CYFDBrantford ON43.13N 80.34WFeb 205click
CYHMHamilton ON43.17N 79.93WMar 1715click
CYKFWaterloo (Kitchener) ON43.46N 80.37WMar 2318click
CYNDGatineau QC45.52N 75.56WMar 511click
CYOOOshawa ON43.92N 78.89WAug 2719none
CYOWOttawa ON45.32N 75.66WMar 49click
CYPQPeterborough ON44.22N 78.36WAug 2720none
CYQSSt Thomas ON42.77N 81.11WFeb 204click
CYRORockcliffe ON45.46N 75.64WMar 510click
CYSNSt Catharines ON43.19N 79.17WMar 1713click
CYTBTillsonburg ON42.92N 80.74WFeb 203click
CYTZToronto ON43.62N 79.39WJan 12 click
CZBABurlington ON43.44N 79.85WJan 11click