Flight Logs

Below you will find a list of all the flight logs that were posted during the "Fly Canada 150" adventure. I hope to add a new post after each flight to share with you what happened and where I went to add more airports to the list. Enjoy reading them and being part of the journey.

  • General Aviation is Alive and Well

    General Aviation is Alive and Well

    When pilots talk about “General Aviation” they are usually referring to private pilots taking friends up flying and touring around while enjoying the “freedom to fly”, but also private pilots taking people to medical care centres as they support Hope Air, flight schools teaching the next generation of commercial pilots …Continue Reading »
  • St. Patrick’s Day Jaunt

    St. Patrick’s Day Jaunt

    It’s March 17th….Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And the weatherman got it wrong…again.  Last night they said today was planned to be overcast with a snow and rain mix.  When I got up this morning, it was bright and sunny with almost no wind.  I turn to the weather network and …Continue Reading »
  • Winter Flight to the Nation’s Capital

    Winter Flight to the Nation’s Capital

    The first weekend in March was a busy weekend of flying as a nice arctic high pressure system was arriving over southern Ontario.  This type of weather during winter usually brings cold, clear skies that are perfect for flying as the air tends to be calmer and the plane performs …Continue Reading »
  • A Spring Day in February

    A Spring Day in February

    Finally a day to enjoy a little flying.  According to the weather gurus, January had a total of less than 20 hours of sunshine.  And, if I remember correctly those were really windy days.  It’s been a mish-mash of snow, rain, wind and low cloud for the last two months.  …Continue Reading »
  • The Adventure Begins!

    The Adventure Begins!

    It’s January 1st marking the start of 2017 and Canada’s 150th Birthday.  And, it’s the day the Fly Canada 150 adventure begins.  The goal is to land my aircraft at 150 different airports.  Today I got two completed. It was a nice sunny day out today and the temperature was …Continue Reading »