The Joy of Flying

There is a joke about pilots that goes:  “How do you know there is a pilot in the room?”…and the answer is:  “Don’t worry, they’ll let you know!”  Pilots love to brag a little…okay, some like to brag a lot.  Flying is fun…it’s very exciting.  Pilots are passionate about what …

Which Airports

So, where do you start when you’ve decided on such an ambitious challenge of flying to 150 different airports in Canada? Imagine this as being just like a road trip in your car would be a good way to think about it.  You’ll think about things like:  What cities to …

Fanciful Thought

Recently I saw an on-line news article about celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday next year, 2017.  I remember being in kindergarten in 1967 and being part of the 100th.  As a kid it was hard to imagine what 100 years old meant, but it felt special none-the-less.  Now, being more then …

Fly Canada 150


In celebration of Canada's 150th Birthday, my goal is to attempt to fly my small airplane to over 150 airports throughout Canada. I hope to visit at least one airport in each of the provinces and territories.

This is a tribute to the importance that aviation and airports have played in keeping Canada vibrant and prosperous.

You can help celebrate and make a difference too.  I hope you make a donation to two remarkable aviation charities - Hope Air and COPA's Flight Safety Foundation.  You can make donations through the Fly Canada 150 page on Canada Helps.